Blue White Stripe Dragon Rose (10 Seeds)
Blue White Stripe Dragon Rose (10 Seeds)

Blue White Stripe Dragon Rose (10 Seeds)

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10 Rare Blue Strip Rose Bush Seeds

Hardy zones: 5-11
· In cooler climates it can be overwintered indoors to protect it
· Beautiful Blooms
· Height: 3-4 Ft
· Width: 3 Ft
· Strong Fragrance
· Blooms Spring till Frost 

To Grow:

1) Put rose seeds into freezer for 30 Days first

2) Prepare the soil. We generally use loose, breathable, and moist soil, so that it can be mixed with vermiculite, peat, water moss, perlite, wood shavings, or your growing medium of choice.

Any soil will work fine as long as its free of foreign objects such as pebbles, broken brick, glass, plastic fragments, ect.

3)Soak the seeds in 40° Celsius (104°  Fahrenheit)
water for about 4-6 days.

4) After 4-6 days, put the seeds into the soil. The temperature should be between 20° and 35° Celsius (68° to 95° F). First put one thin layer of film, then put 4-6cm of soil on top of the film. Put seeds on top of that soil, then cover the seeds with 2cm of additional soil. Put another layer of film on top of the soil. Keep the soil wet but not over saturated. Usually it takes about 30 days for the roses to sprout.

5)After the seeds sprout, move the seedlings to a bigger space or into the ground. The temperature should be kept between 18° to 40° Celsius (64°  to 104°  F).