5 CR2016 Lithium Cell Batteries

5 CR2016 Lithium Cell Batteries




5 CR2016 ECR2016 5000LC 3V Lithium Button Cell Batteries

You will receive 1 strip of 5 Batteries shipped to you via USPS First Class letter mail, which does not offer tracking. Orders placed before 5pm Eastern Time are mailed same day. Shipped from the East Coast of the United States.

These CR2016 batteries are brand new & guaranteed factory fresh. The shelf life for these batteries are between 7 to 10 years. The reported failure rate is less than 0.0001%. These batteries are commonly required for Swatch, Fossil, Timex and Casio devices.

Other devices that use 2016 batteries are: watches, computers, keyless entry, Key FOBs, medical devices, hearing aid industries, CMOS Battery, calculators, garage door openers, remote controls, scientific instruments, wireless doorbells, consumer electronics, and other small electronic devices.

Alternate names for CR2032 batteries are ECR2016, 5000LC, DL2016, KCR2016, BR2016, and LM2016 coin batterie.  

Often used in pairs instead of CR2032 for devices that require more than 3 V, like blue/white LED flashlights.

  Lithium-manganese dioxide
IEC name CR2016
ANSI/NEDA name 5000LC
Typical capacity 225 mAh
Nominal voltage 3.0 V
Usable temperature range -20 .. 70 °C
You may recycle these batteries anywhere automotive batteries are recycled, or at your local Radio Shack.