Baby Striped Rose Shoes
Baby Striped Rose Shoes
Baby Striped Rose Shoes
Baby Striped Rose Shoes

Baby Striped Rose Shoes

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Keep your little bundles' perfect toes cozy and cute with these striped rose shoes. They can strut their style at any age, so why not show some expression early! Ranging in sizes from 0-6 months to 13-18 months, there is a size for every little pair of feet. 

Perfect for Easter!!

Recommend for Kid
Sole Length
Sole Width
0-6 Months
11.5cm / 4.52''
6.0cm / 2.36''
6-12 months
13.0cm / 5.12''
6.5cm / 2.56''
12-18 months
13.5cm / 5.31''
6.8cm / 2.67'‘

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