Black Rose Flower (10 Seeds)
Black Rose Flower (10 Seeds)
Black Rose Flower (10 Seeds)
Black Rose Flower (10 Seeds)
Black Rose Flower (10 Seeds)
Black Rose Flower (10 Seeds)
Black Rose Flower (10 Seeds)
Black Rose Flower (10 Seeds)
Black Rose Flower (10 Seeds)

Black Rose Flower (10 Seeds)

Scientific Name Rosa Nigra
Color Black (Very dark maroon)
Plant Seeds Fall / Cold Stratify

Bloom Time

Late Spring - Fall (Repeat Bloomer)
Hardiness Zone 2-11 cm
Plant Height 36-48 cm
Plant Spacing 24-36 cm
Light Requirements Sun - Part Shade
Soil & Water Preferences Average
Quantity 10 seeds
Germination Temperature 20-25 °C (68-77 °F)
Germination Time 40 days
Optimum Growth Temperature 10-25 °C (50-77 °F)


This Rose is a drought tolerant plant, but over watering and floods can be harmful. It's recommended to use non-glazed bonsai pots of soil cultivation. A good rule of thumb is "do not water when soil is wet." When watering, wet it completely but do not over-saturate the soil. Damp soil is better than puddles.

High concentration of nutrients in fertilizer will burn the roots and kill the plant. It's best not to add additional chemical nutrients.

All plants need sunlight. Rose like sunshine too. Try to keep it in the sunlight and out of shadows.

To Grow:

1) Put rose seeds into freezer for 30 Days first. Check on them to ensure they don't germinate in the freezer.

2) Prepare the soil. We generally use loose, breathable, and moist soil, so that it can be mixed with vermiculite, peat, water moss, perlite, wood shavings, or your growing medium of choice.

Any soil will work fine as long as its free of foreign objects such as pebbles, broken brick, glass, plastic fragments, ect.

3)Soak the seeds in 40° Celsius (104° Fahrenheit) water for about 4-6 days.

4) After 4-6 days, put the seeds into the soil. The temperature should be between 20° and 35° Celsius (68° to 95° F). First put one thin layer of film, then put 4-6cm of soil on top of the film. Put seeds on top of that soil, then cover the seeds with 2cm of additional soil. Put another layer of film on top of the soil. Keep the soil wet but not over saturated. Usually it takes about 30 days for the roses to sprout.

5)After the seeds sprout, move the seedlings to a bigger space or into the ground. The temperature should be kept between 18° to 40° Celsius (64° to 104° F).

This method would give you the best results, however you can also just put them in the freezer for a week or two then put them in extremely wet soil or sand. Then transfer them to the final growing spot after they sprout. We definitely recommend the first option, however.

Alternate Sowing ways:

-Put seeds into 40 degrees centigrade water for 24 hours

-Put seeds into very wet sand for germination. Generally it takes more than 40 days.

-Move it into soil after it sprouts.

It is usually necessary for the soil to be loose, breathable, and have a high water holding capacity. You can use vermiculite, peat, sphagnum, perlite, tree fern and other mixes.

 Poke a few holes in the membrane for permeability.
Cover the top of the container after planting new seeds. Remove lid after 1-3 days.

The container should be kept in the sun, keep the temperature around 68 degrees Fahrenheit ( 20 degrees centigrade).

Germination temperature: 68 - 77 degrees Fahrenheit (20-25 centigrade).

Germination Time: 40 days;

Growth optimum temperature: 50 -77 degrees Fahrenheit (10-25centigrade)


It doesn't take much to grow these roses, just plant in soil and water them when the soil gets too dry.

Having a structure can be good for support.

Three things to keep in mind:

 1. The rose is drought tolerant plant, but it is afraid of floods and over watering. Use non-glazed bonsai pots of soil for cultivation. Remember "do not pour water on it when soil is not dry. Wet it completely when you pour water on soil".

2. Using a high concentration of fertilizer (especially chemical based additives) will result in the death of local root or root rot.

3.All plants need sunlight, Roses like sunshine too.

Feeding should be diligent in summer, every 15 to 20 days or once a watering time after fertilization to prevent burning seedlings.

Fall pruning is to prevent excessive growth. Rose are aphids, pay attention to prevention and treatment.


1.Please store seeds in a cool, dry place.

2.The seed surface is 1-2 times the diameter of the seed.