White Magnolia (5 Seeds)
White Magnolia (5 Seeds)
White Magnolia (5 Seeds)
White Magnolia (5 Seeds)

White Magnolia (5 Seeds)

5 White Magnolia Denudata/Wilsonii Tree Seeds

These trees produce beautiful fragrant flowers.

Use: Outdoor Tree (plant)
Cultivating Difficulty Degree: Very Easy
Classification: Beautifying Novel Flower Tree Plant
Size: Large
Variety: Flower
Style: Perennial

How To Grow:
Step 1: Plant Seeds
Plant in a seed tray covered with ½-inch of compost soil. Dampen the soil by misting with water, cover with plastic wrap and set in a warm place. Seedlings should appear in 4 to 6 weeks but may take much longer. Be patient! When germination occurs, remove the plastic wrap and place next to a window.

TIP: Water the seeds with a spray bottle every few days to keep the soil moist but never soggy. Open the plastic wrap daily to provide air circulation. Temperatures above 85 degrees F encourage germination. If this temperature cannot be maintained in a sunny window, use a heating pad underneath the seed tray.

Step 2 - Transplant Seedlings to a Container

Once the seedlings have developed their second set of leaves, transplant them to their own containers. Start with pots 3 inches wide and move into larger ones if necessary. Plant in a compost soil like the one used for germination. Magnolias like full sun, but take care to introduce your plants to it only gradually. Keep them in partial shade through the first summer.

Step 3 - Transplant Magnolias to the Yard

Seedlings are ready for transplanting when they are 8 to 12 inches in height. The magnolia has a fast-growing and intricate root system, so?if possible?plant in a permanent location by the end of the first summer. Position in an area where the roots have plenty of room to grow and where the magnolia can receive about 8 hours of sunlight a day. Avoid spots next to buildings or other structures. Make sure you pick a spot where shallow roots will not be damaged by digging or heavy foot traffic.

Magnolias prefer a slightly acidic, well-draining loam. For the first few years, maintain a layer of mulch 3 inches deep around the roots to protect them. Keep the newly planted tree well watered for the first year, but never allow the soil to become soggy.