Women Deep V Bodycon Jumpsuit
Women Deep V Bodycon Jumpsuit
Women Deep V Bodycon Jumpsuit

Women Deep V Bodycon Jumpsuit

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You'll definitely love this in your closet. Make your days more enjoyable with this jumpsuit. Only made with the highest quality material to make sure you'll be comfortable throughout the day. Ideal for casual wear, office, meetings, brunch, etc.


Material: Polyester
Length: Full Length
Package: 1 x Women Jumpsuit

Size Length Shoulder
Bust Waist
S 133cm 32cm 78cm 66cm
M 134cm 33cm 82cm 70cm
L 135cm 34cm 86cm 74cm
XL 136cm 35cm
90cm 78cm


Note: Please allow 1-4 weeks for delivery.



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