Women White Green Stripe Lace Up Jumpsuit
Women White Green Stripe Lace Up Jumpsuit

Women White Green Stripe Lace Up Jumpsuit

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Are you tired of your old outfits? Do you need a new look? Then you may want to get this. Professionally made with only the highest fabrics. Perfect for all occasions. This can be worn on a date, anniversary, wedding, party, or even on casual days. Soft and breathable to be worn all day.


Package: 1 x Women White Green Stripe Lace Up Jumpsuit

Size Bust Waist
Hip Length
S 72cm 63cm 86.5cm 124.5cm
M 76cm 67cm 90.5cm 125.5cm
L 80cm 71cm 94.5cm 126.5cm
XL 84cm 75cm 98.5cm 127.5cm


Note: Please allow 1-4 weeks for delivery.



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