Women's Ruffle Top Bikini Set
Women's Ruffle Top Bikini Set
Women's Ruffle Top Bikini Set
Women's Ruffle Top Bikini Set

Women's Ruffle Top Bikini Set

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You're going to love this NEW Ruffle Bikini Set, perfect for all your pool and beach needs! This cute top can be worn strapless, or you can add a strap around the neck with the included strap attachments. Versatile and comfortable, you can enjoy your summer in style. Comes in an expansive size range from XS to XXL. These are going fast, so get your set before they're all sold out!! 

Size Chest Waist Hip
XS 23-24.5" 25-26.5" 26-27.5"
27-28.5" 28-29.5"
29-30.5" 30-31.5"
31-32.5" 32-33.5"
XL 31-32.5" 33-34.5" 24-35.5"
XXL 33-34.5" 35-36.5" 36-37.5"

NotePlease allow 1-4 weeks for delivery.



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